Youtube Vanced Can't Cast

Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on YouTube. The YouTube Vanced app wont connect to the Chromecast device unless you first open the official YouTube app connect to the Chromecast then do the same in the YouTube Vanced app.

Download Youtube Vanced Apk V15 05 54 With Guide

Or just fix whatever went wrong between 160235 and 161434.

Youtube vanced can't cast. Anyways i was trying to cast something trough Youtube Vanced but i couldnt. The official YouTube app doesnt offer a dark theme but Vanced has dark black and a few other colors. The Chromecast works fine on other apps even.

But now when I ask the Assistant to do the same command it plays a different song that includes instruments and only lasts 2 hours long which I do not want at all. I keep getting the notification that YouTube vanced wont run unless I update Google play. It is true that casting from vanced doesnt remove ads but I dont usually open regular YouTube so when I find something I want to cast I would have to refind it in regular YT.

Everyone loves themes and Vance has a few to choose from. Start Vanilla Youtube yes you need both for now and thats annoying but its the only option for now In Vanilla Youtube press the cast button and wait for the youtube app to launch on chromecast. This is where I came across the first problem which might be fixed on future version of the Vanced app.

I want to cast from youtube video to chromecast audio there are some conferences that I want to listen while I am doing home chores. Features the option of an amoled black theme to reduce eye and battery strain. Anyone help facing a problem not able to cast on Google Chromecast from YouTube Vance When i try press cast button on YouTube vanced to play on chromecast ultra it just refusess to connect but then I try to play on my Sony TV it opens native YouTube application on TV.

Locate and click on YouTube on the App info page. Then i try to connect chromecast from settings menu in watch on Tv. This allows you to toggle the Google Cast icon.

In the official youtube app it does work as expected. If force-stopping YouTube doesnt restore the missing cast. A new cast dialog by youtube with added option to Link TV code Learn more in Vanced Youtube does not find my Chromecast.

Youll still be able to see the Cast icon but the videos wont appear on the TV without you approving it. Tap the Force Stop button and click OK on the confirmation prompt. Blocks All videos ads and allows you to play videos in the background or in Picture in Picture only on android 80 and up Swipe controls allow you to control brightness and volume like how it is in other video player apps such as VLC.

Go back to Youtube vanced click the cast button and it should load correctly on vanced. Happened to me but I was on an old version. One work around is to use the regular youtube app to start the connection then swtich to vanced.

After this you can close the official YouTube app. You also have to go into settings and link your phone. Issues Casting Supported App Chromecast Audio iOS.

If I clear the data of the Vanced Youtube app I get the old plain cast dialog back with just my device well 2x but thats a known cast bug unrelated to vanced or. Another method disables the automatic casting to a TV. You can force it to be off even if you have casting devices nearby.

And when I close Youtube vanced when a video is playing I get a notification and the sound of the video is still running but I cant continue. HI I have a little problem with youtube vanced i have installed it on OPPO F5 CPH-1723. Hello im new here.

Upvote 130 Subscribe Unsubscribe. Also try asking google assistant to play a video using chromecast that worked for me. YouTube Vanced Features – XDA Developers.

Maybe just even a link open in YT would mostly solve the problem no idea how hard that would be. Is anyone else having problems casting YouTube vanced. I attempted to manually connect to the Google Home mini through the YouTube app which I was able to do just a few weeks ago and cast the 24 hour long video I wanted.

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